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How I Work

Quickest way to get a quote, audition or to hire me is to shoot me a quick email ( ) with a short description of your project: (how long are the scripts, where will they be used, what type of product or service is it for, etc). I respond to most emails in about an hour and can record as soon as the same or next day. Auditions are free and I'm happy to work with you and your team to zero in on the type of performance you are looking for.     

Turnaround: Live sessions are bookable same or next day via phone, Source Connect or ISDN. Self directed work is usually returned within 1 business day, frequently in just an hour or two.  

Rates: The factors that determine the skill and time required to price a voice over project are numerous. For each job I aim to set rates that are fair and beneficial to both parties, and conducive to long term client relationships. I am eligible to work both union and non union jobs. 

Policies: Most projects include at least one additional recording session to record minor script changes, prior to first use of the work. Please inquire for more details.  


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