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When writing copy, the writer must match the pace of the creative intention of the spot. This is difficult to do if you don't have a good idea of how many words will fit into the time you have. You either end up with an over or under written spot that is a mismatch with the other creative elements or leaves branding space on the table. 

Play the samples below to hear how a :30 spot will sound with a variety of word counts. The pace you hear below will be the same pace for a ''wall to wall'' :30. All spoken numbers were accounted for in the word count (2024 = Twenty Twenty Four). If you are writing for a :15 or :60 divide by or multiply by 2. 

For reference a moderate reading speed is approximately  160 words per minute or 80 words for a :30

50 Word :30

70 Word :30

80 Word :30

90 Word :30

100 Word :30

75 Word :30

83 Word :30

101 Word :30

125 Word :30

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