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Essential Insights for Your Next Voice Over Casting

Updated: May 13

How to Buy Voice Over

The right voice is more than just a detail; it's the pivotal to the success of your content. It has the power to elevate your work from, “I saw it” to “I shared It”, drawing in your audience, or it can be the reason your content is passed over without a second thought and ad budget wasted. Being a voice talent myself, I wanted to put down what I’ve learned so far, to try and provide some value to those, “on the other side of the glass”.

In the following blogs, I’ve done my best to distill all my best tips to help you with your next casting, offering insights to steer clear of the pitfalls and streamline your search for a voice that not only fits but amplifies your project's appeal.

Designed to resonate across a wide gambit of media projects, from national commercials to the specific needs of e-learning modules, I wrote these guides so that even if your particular niche isn’t covered, the advice remains relevant and helpful. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping keep the lights on here at DCVO, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here is my guide to Voice Over Casting:

What You'll Learn:

  • Voice Over Industries: Understand the different skillsets actors are likely to possess based on the kind of work they do, where to find the right kind of specialist, and how much to pay.

  • The Art of Casting: Get a clear, step-by-step walkthrough on navigating the casting process—from scouting talent to auditions, all the way through to making the final selection.

  • Collaboration Tips & Tricks: Learn how to foster a win-win relationship with voice artists, ensuring your project's vision is not just understood but brought to life exactly as you imagined.

  • The Technicalities: Gain insights into the technical side of voice recording and production to achieve the best possible sound quality for your project, should you need to record on your own.

  • The Future of Voice Over: Stay ahead of the curve with a look into emerging trends shaping the future of the voice over industry.

  • Speak the Language: Arm yourself with a comprehensive glossary of voice acting terminology, ensuring you can communicate effectively and sound like a seasoned pro, even if it’s your first time directing.


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